Free Fonts To Download

It has been a while but I thought it was time for a new Free Fonts to download collection! I’ve found 10 new commercial-use fonts that you’re going to love.

Commercial-use fonts are great to use in any projects you may profit from. These fonts creators have been so generous to share their beautiful work for your benefit, so make sure you thank and support them where you can!

The following collection has some wonderful brush stroke fonts, handwritten script fonts, monoline fonts and display fonts. Please find the download links below.

Free fonts to download for commercial use

The following fonts are great for branding, project headings, website-use and fun design projects for small businesses. They look great in color and beautiful alone in black. Pair them with plain serif or sans-serif fonts for a stunning font combination.

You can upload these fonts to Canva to use whenever needed.

Tahan is such a classic, beautiful font, and I also love the creativity and flow of Rotters. Haigrast comes as a font duo, so you have the uppercase serif font paired with the elegant script.

Free fonts commercial use

download free fonts below

Tahan / Bettina / Aboreto / Fleur de Leah / BN Roam / Frenchoy / Haigrast / Makcex / BN Paradox / Rotters

You can find more fonts to download over in the Freebies section! I have posts with personal and commercial use fonts, lots of handwritten script and display fonts that you will adore.

Disclaimer: At the time of posting, all fonts linked in this post are listed as free for commercial use on their download page. I’ve done my best to ensure each one included can definitely be used in your projects, however it is always your responsibility to double check the terms and conditions of each font you download, for your own peace of mind.

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