Why It’s A Bad Idea To Buy A Corjl Logo Template

Something that seems to be popping up a lot on Etsy these days are Corjl logo templates, where you purchase a logo template from an Etsy seller and edit it yourself on a website called Corjl. If you have purchased one of these “instant download logos” and plan to use it for your blog or business, unfortunately you may need to reconsider it and I thought I’d give a quick review on why that is.

There are several reasons why editing a Corjl logo template to create your own logo is a bad idea. It may be a convenient and very affordable way to get a logo for your blog or business and to be able to say you “did it yourself”, however in the long run you’re likely to end up in more trouble than it’s worth. Here’s why:

corjl review logo templates

1. You don’t have the license to use the fonts

Most often, the fonts used in these templates aren’t “free for commercial use”. They are sold under a specific license on websites such as Creative Market, a license which prohibits print-on-demand / use-on-demand / editable app usage. The seller who has sold you this template would have had to pay hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for a custom license to use the fonts in this way, and do you think they did? Probably not.

You as a customer don’t have the license to use the fonts in the templates, only the Etsy seller who sold you this template does. And even then, they don’t have the rights to put it into editable templates, neither does the Corjl website. This is a huge copyright issue where they can definitely end up in a legal dispute with the creator of the font.

If you don’t have the proof to show that you have a license for the font, or that you purchased the logo from a reputable business who created the logo for you with their license, you can end up in trouble as well.

2. You don’t have the license to use the graphics

It’s the same with the graphics in the templates, whether clipart or watercolor splashes or anything as such. Once again, if the Etsy seller didn’t draw or create the graphics them self, then they don’t have the rights to re-distribute these graphics in editable templates, which means you don’t have the rights to their use either for your business.

If the original creator of these graphics spots their graphic in your branding, Pinterest posts or on your product packaging in future and they know that they haven’t had a sale from your name, you will be questioned about it and if you can’t show proof that you own the license to use the graphic commercially, you’ll once again end up in trouble.

3. You’re unable to brand yourself any further than the logo

When you purchase one of these Corjl logo templates, what happens if in future you want other branding material for your brand? You don’t know what fonts are used in your logo, you don’t own the fonts so you’re not able to create anything further.

If you purchase a logo from a designer who creates the logo for you, then you have the option to buy more branding materials for your business in future, as you know exactly where to go and who has the font you need.

Another option is purchasing the fonts yourself, so that you own them and you 100% have the license to use them. If you can’t afford Photoshop, a Canva Pro account allows you to use your own installed fonts as well so you could whip up the logo yourself the right way. If you’re on a really tight budget, check out these free fonts for commercial use.

4. Your logo won’t have that designer touch

It’s all very well to buy a logo template that looks like it’s been designed really well and you think it’s going to make your own business name look great… that is, until you start putting your business name into it and it doesn’t look that great anymore.

This is where having a designer make your logo for you, even with a pre-made design, helps. They’re able to arrange the words of your business name in the right way so it looks as good as possible, something not everyone can easily do themselves.

Sometimes it’s not worth wasting your money on DIY when you can pay around the same price for someone to do it for you.

5. Do you really want to start your business this way?

I guess a question you need to ask yourself is if you want to start your blog or business off on the wrong foot? Would you feel a whole lot better if you know you’ve done everything the right way, and you’ve got no chance of any legal issues down the road? Copyright disputes can be costly and I assume as a new blog or small business owner, you don’t have the money to go throwing at such things. Personally, I wouldn’t want the stress.

How To Spot / Avoid Them

The following points will indicate if you should avoid a logo design (or definitely ask the seller questions first before buying). It’s likely to be a dodgy seller if you see this on Etsy:

  • It’s labelled as “Instant Download Template” or “Instant Download Logo”
  • It’s stated in the product description that you can edit it yourself in Corjl
  • It looks too good to be true for the price (eg. premium graphics/fonts in a $5 – $10 DIY template)

If you have purchased a Corjl logo template, I would highly recommend contacting the seller you purchased from to show you the license they hold for the fonts and graphics within your logo or proof that they are the original designer of the font/graphic used. No license available on Creative Market allows re-distribution of fonts or graphics in editable templates, or use in websites such as Corjl. Something to keep in mind.

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  1. Great article, Vanessa. You bring up several great points related to font licensing.

    We, at Corjl, are very cautious when it comes to licensing. As you mentioned, an application like Corjl requires a server license to be used in our platform and we have purchased many of these server licensed fonts from individual creators.

    Also, we entered into a partnership with Creative Fabrica in 2018 to offer fully licensed fonts from a variety of creators (1,000+). We have a great community of Corjl designers who are meticulous and honest when it comes to font and asset licensing.

    In fact, we recently have been having discussions (Zoom meetings) with font creators who repeatedly state how impressed they are with the Corjl design community because of the number of designers who request the proper licensing. Many sellers in our community have purchased fonts for $500+ each prior to uploading into our system.

    But to your point, anybody considering launching a brand should consider the licensing options and make an informed decision, prior to purchasing a logo design on Etsy or any other marketplace. Avoid disputes by asking your designer if they have the proper licensing for your brand assets.

    1. Hi Art, it’s great to hear that you are being cautious in regards to licensing and the steps that you’ve taken as a business to ensure you have great licensing foundations, however when it comes to logo templates and the ability for a Corjl user/seller to upload any font and/or graphic to Corjl to use in their templates to sell, the responsibility of licensing falls in the hands of those sellers.

      It’s impossible for you to know that everyone who uses Corjl to sell logo templates has the correct licensing for the fonts and graphics they are using / re-selling, despite you talking about your “honest community” and your meetings/discussions with font creators.

      I have been in contact with particular font creators after seeing their fonts being used in these Corjl logo templates – unfortunately they did not realise that their fonts were being re-sold this way, as they did not sell the license needed for these sellers to be using their fonts in that way. I’ve also seen on discussion boards, Etsy sellers asking if they’re able to use fonts and graphics they find on these design platforms for their Corjl templates and the answer has been no – they cannot use them in design-on-demand applications as they’re prohibited in the license terms.

      We are not just talking about someone buying an invitation template to create something for their birthday, or a poster template for a home project – this is about purchasing a design for a commercial logo. When starting a business, you’d want to know that you have the rights to use everything in your logo design and that the person who sold the template to you has the rights to the elements used also.

      For that reason I stand by everything I have said in the article above.

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