The Best Apps For Bloggers

Today I’m sharing with you the best apps for bloggers! These are all the best iPhone apps I’ve found and all ones that I use myself to run my blog, social media and edit photos in the best way possible.

Apps can be so useful when blogging, for not only your photos but also your productivity and motivation to create new posts, ideas and more. Whether you want to know the best blog photo editing apps or the best apps to keep your blog on track, I’ve got you covered.

Best Apps for Bloggers

The Best Apps For Bloggers

Following are the best apps I’ve found for bloggers:

A Color Story

This is my favourite app for adding filters to my blog photos and Instagram photos (even sometimes Pinterest photos if I feel something needs a refresh). I will open a photo in there and go straight to the Filters section, where they have lots of good free photo filters available but some of my favourites have been those I’ve bought. You can go into their Shop and scroll through the different filter packs which are just a few dollars. I’ve found myself buying probably a few too many as they’re so addictive.


You’ve probably heard of this app quite often and there’s a reason for that! It’s the most popular (and most trustworthy) way to run your Pinterest account without needing to sit around pinning all day long. Pinterest is a HUGE traffic driving platform that can send thousands of people to your blog posts and even to your Instagram, so you should be pinning like there’s no tomorrow because trust me, it pays off!

Tailwind allows you to schedule tonnes of pins for your account and then posts them for you at the best times of the day, when your audience is most likely to see them. That in turn = more re-pins and then more traffic to wherever you’ve linked those pins to.


If you’ve ever wondered how Instagram users plan out their perfectly put-together feeds (and yes, it requires planning!), it’s with an app like UNUM!

UNUM is an Instagram planning app I’ve used for a few years now, where you connect your Instagram account and they display your feed with blank grid spaces above it. You can upload pictures you might like to eventually post and you can drag them around, organising how they will look in the grid once uploaded to your Instagram. The app doesn’t upload them for you, but it does show you what to post next once you have everything organised. It’s how I keep my Instagram feed colour coordinated and I always know what I’m going to post next.


Don’t underestimate the greatness of the Notes app in your phone. This is where I have all sorts of lists, from blog posts to product ideas as well as To-Do lists if I need to plan out a day full of things to get done.

Google Analytics

Did you know you can get Google Analytics as an app on your phone? If you’ve linked your blog up with the tracking code, you can use this app to track how your blog is going. I like always going to the ‘Realtime’ page, where I can see how many people are on my site, what pages they’re looking at and what country they’re in. This is a really useful way of seeing what your most popular posts and pages are and where your audience is, so you can come up with more popular ideas specifically for them!

PS Express

Photoshop on your phone, definitely needed! This is the best photography app I’ve found for your basic editing of photos, such as adjusting brightness, contrast, temperature, sharpness and one of my favourites – reduce luminance noise (makes the photo smoother).

Rewardstyle and Shopstyle Collective

If you’re a member of either of these affiliate programs you need to download their apps. It’s the easiest way to grab an affiliate link on the go, if you’re uploading a pic to Pinterest or if you need to use Rewardstyle’s Like2KnowIt feature for Instagram. You can also track your earnings through the app.


Unlike Blogger, WordPress has an app that allows you to write and publish new posts and respond to comments directly from your phone! This can be so helpful for bloggers who work a job on the side and don’t always have time to sit at a computer and write posts. It’s great for while on public transport or on long lunch breaks! Just another reason to start a blog on WordPress if you haven’t already.

What’s your favourite app for blogging? If I’ve missed it let me know!

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  1. Great post, thank you for sharing. A few in there I wasn’t aware of and great to know and look into more!
    Canva is one I love for my Pinterest pins and also Trello for admin and post planning, showing me my calender and what I’ve got to do and have got done!

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