Where To Find The Best Free Photos For Your Blog

Free stock photos have been the best help for me throughout the years of blogging, when I haven’t had time to take my own blog images or if I need images to use in the marketing of my products. I love finding new free photos to download, especially if they’re free for commercial use. If you want to know where to find the best free photos for blogs and social media posts, I’m about to fill you in!

It’s so helpful to have a collection of free blog images on hand for times such as when you have a blog post to get up and you need a quick photo to add to it, or when you’re creating the marketing images for a product and you need a mockup or background image.

Best free stock photo websites for blog and commercial use

What are free stock photos?

Free stock photos are images that have been shared on websites for free use. You can download these images and use for all sorts of things – blog posts, social media and marketing products. Majority fall under a license that allows you to use for whatever you need without credit, however you’re not allowed to re-distribute them as if they are your own. 

Where can I get free images for my blog?

There are lots of different websites where you can download free images for your blog or website. Following are the websites with the best free photos:

1. Pixabay

Pixabay is one of the first free photo sites I landed on and I found so many images there. Search for anything and you’ll find high quality photos to use for free in any commercial projects. You have to spend some time scrolling through but there are some real gems there.

2. Pexels

Pexels has become my favourite free photo site and I think it’s one of the best due to the talented photographers who so generously contribute to it. I love visiting their Photographer Leaderboard page to see what the most popular photos and photographers are, and that’s where I’ve found a few photographers that I keep checking back on because I love their work.

3. Unsplash

I love Unsplash for the random photos I stumble upon that are so good… they don’t seem to be on other stock photo websites like a lot of the repeat photos you see being shared around. If you find an image you love, try adding a filter to it so it matches in with your branding, like I’ve done with the photo below!

Best free stock photos for bloggers

4. Visual Hunt

Visual Hunt has a very similar mix of free photos as Pixabay and Pexels. They do have the option to search by color, but I find the best way to find the best images is to type in a keyword into the search bar, such as ‘Desk’ and they will show you the most relevant, quality images.

5. Stock Snap

Stock Snap has a really cute variety of images, especially if you search for the word ‘pink’. There’s lots of stationery, notebooks, coffee and desktops.

6. Ivory Mix

Ivory Mix has 350+ free photos to give you if you sign up to their mailing list. Absolutely perfect for blogging, the photos you can download are girly, fun and will add personality to your posts. There’s desktops, coffee, home decor, flowers, notebooks and other lifestyle displays.

7. Creative Convex

Creative Convex is offering a free high resolution, floral inspired pack of photos. These are mixing clean white backgrounds with beautiful bright florals.

8. Skitter Photo

Skitter Photo doesn’t have as many photos as some of the other stock photo sites however if you search for flowers, pink or fashion you might find a few that catch your eye.

9. Stokpic

Stokpic has a lot of great images for travel, adventure, summer and lifestyle related topics.

10. SC Stockshop

SC Stockshop sells absolutely incredible images for your blog and they also have a little freebie pack of 20 styled stock photos to give you if you join their list. Definitely worth it!

11. PicJumbo

PicJumbo has some really great quality photographs, especially fashion and beauty related, with the ability to purchase full photo packs if you like what you see.

12. Styled Stock

Styled Stock has a huge selection of free desktops, tech mockups and lifestyle shots, all minimal and clean in style.

Free blog photo websites are great blog resources to save for later, as you never know when they might come in handy! I recommend creating a folder on your computer specifically for stock photos, so when you download them you can keep track of where they’ve come from and what you’re allowed to use them for.

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  1. I think it’s so time consuming to search for free photos so lists like these are very helpful. Many of these brands I’ve never heard of before. I’ve also gotten a lot of diverse photos in the freebies from Pixistock, CreateHerStock and HauteStock.

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