Free Desktop Wallpapers For Personal Use

Happy new year everyone! Thought I’d kick things off with some new free desktop wallpapers for you to download for personal use! I’ve made 10 downloadable computer backgrounds for you, some images you may have seen before on Flip And Style, others I’ve created this new year weekend.

Free wallpapers are so fun for styling up your computer. I personally love switching mine on and seeing the pretty blush pink color and lashes, which is the background I currently have on my computer. It’s also super pretty in the background of Instagram photos if you happen to get your computer in shot!

I’ve included lots of pink, rose gold, glitter, blush, flowers, foil, marble and more. There are a few with motivational quotes if you’re in need of a bit of inspiration every day. One of the most popular desktop wallpapers is the one top right, with the blush, rose gold glitter and marble but I think I’ll always love the lashes one the most.

If you have a PC, once you’ve downloaded the wallpaper you like best, you just need to right click on it in whichever folder you’ve placed it in and select “Set as Wallpaper”. If you’re on a Mac I believe you need to find the System Preferences section then click Desktop & Screensaver.

Hope you love them! If you happen to place one as your wallpaper, I’d love to know which one you chose!

Free pretty desktop wallpapers


bloom | glitter
lashes | marble
better | matters
dreamy | actually
fresh | girl


These designs are COPYRIGHT © 2018 Vanessa Gollasch. They are free for personal use only.

You must not use them commercially, redistribute, re-sell, edit or copy.

If you share one of these wallpapers on social media, please tag me @flipandstyle or link back to

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  1. Thank you so much for all those tips and tricks you gave on your blog they are amawing and they help so much, I have been applied some on my blog that I just started it's not perfect but it's definitly going somewhere so thank for that too!
    Those wallpapers are the cutest!
    Happy new year you are amazing so I hope you'll get a magical year.

    Josephine Xx

  2. HI! This is my first time on your blog & WOW! What a great & beautiful blog!! I can't wait to read the ebook, as I am planning on starting my own blog. : ) So, I choose the wallpaper "Actually I can." I've decided to make 2017 an amazing year & CHANGE THINGS UP!! Thank you for the ebook, the encouragement & the wallpaper! Blessings…

  3. Hi, I just purchased your blog pretty ebook, and I noticed it says I can read it on any device. I bought this ebook using my chromebook, but cannot for the life of me figure out how to get it to my other devices. Can you please advise? I am very eager to read it! Thank you!:)

  4. Thank you for these! This is exactly what I was looking for as far as new wallpapers. Glad i stumbled across your blog as well, it's fabulous!!!

  5. Hello!
    I love ALL of these! Im trying to download and I'm having the worst luck. When I click on each one, it just brings up the wallpaper in a large image. I can't right click, it only zooms in and out. I have a MacBook Air.

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