Best Filters For Instagram & Blog Photos

I love trying out new filters all the time. Whether for Instagram or blog photos, adding a filter can really personalise your photography and make it something special.

I’ve gone through times where a particular filter has become part of my theme on Instagram, and then other times I steer clear from them and let the photo speak for itself. Same for my blog photography. If I believe I’ve caught the perfect time of the day with the right amount of sunlight to make my photos sing, I leave them alone filter-wise. If I can’t seem to make them look good though, adding a filter is an easy fix.

While playing around with a new filter pack I bought last night (Flashes Of Delight on A Color Story app), I thought to create this blog post for those of you who are thinking about a bit of an Instagram or blog photography revamp. I’ve rounded up the 5 best photo filters I could find, and I think you’re going to love them too.

1. Russ – Afterlight

This is one of the first filters I ever used. It flattens and fades out an image, giving it this relaxed, somewhat vintage vibe. I love any kind of faded effect in photography. I think this particular filter does it really well.

Find it in the Afterlight app by going to the rainbow circle > Guest > Russ.

2. C1 – VSCO

I used this filter quite a lot on Instagram last year. It adds a lot of brightness and contrast to an image, while adding a pink tone to any white, and a blue tone to any grey. I tend to take the blue back out again with the Whiten tool on Facetune, as I usually just want the pink.

Find it in the VSCO app by selecting your photo > click on the adjustment lines icon > select C1

3. HB1 – VSCO

I’ve heard this filter is a popular one so thought I’d add it in here too. It lightens and brightens an image, while fading it out and adding grey tone and softness at the same time. It also adds a very slight tint of blue.

Find it in the VSCO app by selecting your photo > click on the adjustment lines icon > select HB1

4. Refresh – A Color Story

I love this filter for the vibrancy it gives to an image. It can take a really dull, lifeless image and completely brighten it up, adding a hit of contrast and enhancing any colours. The image I took below already looked amazing because the sky was incredible that evening… but then adding the filter on top made it even more magical.

Find it in the A Color Story app by selecting Filters > Airy > Refresh.

5. Sweet – A Color Story

This filter is really pretty. It fades and softens an image, while brightening up the whites and adding a very faint pink hue over it. If you like soft, pretty images, adding about half of this filter can make your photo look really nice without altering the colour of the items in your photo.

Find it in the A Color Story app by selecting Filters > Blush > Sweet.

A tip for using filters on your photos is to reduce the amount of the filter selected. There is always an adjustment bar you can use after clicking on a filter. I recommend setting the filter level at about halfway to 3/4, so your photos don’t look overly edited and blown out. It all depends on personal preference though, as sometimes you may want the full effect of a filter.

What’s your favourite filter to use? Let me know in the comments!



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