Blogging To-Do List For Your Blog

A blogging to-do list can be such a helpful thing. I know exactly how it feels when the blogging motivation flies out the window. You sit there staring blankly at your computer with so many thoughts spinning around in your mind that you don’t even know where to start. I’ve realised over time how helpful it is to have a routine with a blogging to-do list for both daily and weekly tasks. Once you get the hang of ticking things off as you go, it just becomes second nature.

I’ve made up a To-Do List for you with the tasks that are good to complete on an every day basis, and also those that are more of a weekly process where you can choose what days are best for you to complete them.

blogging checklist task list to-do schedule

The daily tasks listed above are really helpful if you want to work on increasing your following. The less you post on social media, the slower your follower count will climb. The longer you leave emails, the less likely you’ll be to snap up a sponsorship or opportunity. It’s also a great idea to keep up with what other bloggers are doing on a daily basis – it keeps you inspired and makes you feel like you’re running along beside them.

The weekly tasks I’ve listed are for keeping yourself organised and on top of things. You should be spending a couple of days per week writing blog posts, and another day or two taking photos that you can slot right in (I find blocking out an entire day for photography most productive!). You need to be doing a weekly check of your statistics to see how your blog is going and where the traffic is coming from. If you have been sent items to blog, make sure it’s done within a week so you can put those items away. I also think it’s quite important to do a weekly or fortnightly clear out of any accounts you follow that no longer inspire you or don’t make you feel good.

Do you have a blogging check list or do you prefer to go with the flow? I’d love to know!

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