The Ultimate Free Fonts Collection

Bringing you the ultimate free fonts collection!

The Ultimate Free Fonts Collection | Blog Pixie best font downloads

I searched high and low for the best free fonts to download for personal or demo use. They’re perfect for blog logos, graphics and signatures. Including handwritten fonts, brush fonts, quirky, curly and bold fonts.




1. Click on the name of the font above that you wish to download.
2. It will take you to the website where you can download it. Click on “download”.
3. Once the file has downloaded, open the .zip folder and drag the files inside onto your desktop or into your documents folder.
4. Open up Control Panel > Appearance + Personalisation > Fonts
5. Drag the font file from wherever you placed it to the Fonts folder and it will automatically install.

If you are getting the “invalid font” issue, make sure you are logged in as Administrator on your computer. Also make sure you have dragged the font file from the zip folder to another folder on your computer, and then from that folder to the Fonts folder to install. You can’t drag it directly from the zip folder to the Fonts folder – it won’t work. If you are still having trouble, google “invalid font” and you will see others discussing the issue and their solutions.

Disclaimer: All the fonts linked above are the property of their respective owners. I am linking you through to the websites where they are available to be downloaded for free and it is your responsibility to read the terms and conditions that come with each font you choose to download.

Any font listed as ‘Demo’ on its download page means you can download for free, try it out and if you like it and want to use it, you can buy it at the link they provide in the instructions file.

I have another post on free fonts for commercial use so make sure you check them out too!

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  1. I have the fonts I wanted installed, but I have no idea how to use them. They don't pop up when I try to type on any of the programs I have. I absolutely LOVE all of these so much.

  2. Drag the downloaded file over to your documents. Once you drag it over double click the folder and open it. Double click on the font and it should ask you to install font. Once installed you should be able to use it in pages.

  3. Thanks for the fonts!! They're AWESOME! I have downloaded a couple and they say that they are installed. But when I open Microsoft word and try to change the font…I can't find them. Am I doing something wrong?

  4. When you download the fonts, make a folder in My Documents called "My Fonts" and drag the font files that you've downloaded into that new folder.

    Then go to Control Panel >> Appearance And Personalisation >> Fonts. Drag the font files from your new "My Fonts" folder into the the control panel Fonts folder and they will install.

    Let me know if that works!

  5. Are you downloading them from their download page at Click on the name of the font you want above, it will take you to the page you download it from, which for most of them is at

    Otherwise run me through how you're trying to download them.

  6. Hi Vanessa! Thank you for the gorgeous and FREE! fonts. While we're talking about fonts, I was wondering if you could tell me what the fonts are for the title of this page, "The Ultimate Free Fonts Collection"? I love the look of those two fonts together! Thank you!

  7. When I drag the font file into my font folders a message box pops up saying that the file is not a vaild font. I have tried downloading from a few different websites and the same thing happens. Can anyone help?

  8. Hi, when you open the zip folder you've just downloaded, make sure you only drag the "OpenType Font" file and the "TrueType" Font file into your fonts folder. Just ignore the rest of the items that are in the downloaded folder.

  9. Some of these fonts are not 100% free so you may want to let people know that they cant be used for anything. Blogs that generate income of any kind or contain links to any commercial sites cannot include these fonts without a license.

  10. Hi Meta, all fonts I've linked to are free to download 🙂 As I have linked to the sites where they're available (they're unable to be downloaded directly from my blog), it is each person's own responsibility to read the terms provided with each font if they wish to use them commercially.

  11. you obviously, state the instruction above. But if i click the link above, it will return to your blog. Can you please tell me how to download your free fonts? i really like your fonts. Thank you!

  12. Hi Vanessa!

    I’m truly obsessed with these fonts! Thank you so much for putting time and effort into sharing these!

    Question: I would like to use the majority of these on my blog. I have downloaded them for free. Will I need to obtain a license for them in order to use them legally? Or what if I was to use them for printables or Ebooks?


    Justine @

    1. Hi Justine, I’m glad you like them. You will need to read the terms and conditions on the download page for each font you wish to use.

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