10 Pieces For A Beautiful Desk

Ahhh to have the perfect desk. Everyone dreams of it right?

If you work from home and are looking to splurge on an area of your house or apartment, put the money into your workspace! An inspiring desk to sit down at every morning will boost your motivation and productivity tenfold. Speaking from experience, it’s very difficult to create beautiful images and to write about things that inspire you when you’re sitting amongst cords, papers, makeup and whatever other mess is lying around.

If you are able to, clear your space. Remove any unnecessary items and leave nothing but the computer there. Gradually add pieces that make sense in the space. If it doesn’t serve a purpose daily, doesn’t make you happy or doesn’t look wonderful, get rid of it! If there are things you need on the rare occasion like a printer or camera cords, store them away in a cupboard. You can easily pull them out when you need to.

Above are a selection of items that I think are gorgeous and would make any space look pretty.


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